Zero point calibration

(-eZ) is a True Auto Zero function in the form of an automatic zeroing circuit built into the PCB board. The function electronically adjusts the transducer zero at predetermined time intervals (every 10 minutes). The function eliminates all output signal drift due to thermal, electronic or mechanical effects, as well as the need for technicians to remove high and low pressure tubes when performing initial or periodic transducer zero point calibration.

The adjustment takes 4 seconds. To avoid conflict with the BAS system, the output and display values will freeze to the latest measured value, after which the device returns to its normal measuring mode.

Transducers equiped with the function are virtually maintenance free*.

*When the optional is not selected, the product is provided with a manual, pushbutton auto zero. To maintain proper functionality and accuracy of the transducer, it is recommended the Manual pushbutton Auto Zero point calibration be performed annually, at a minimum.